About Special Deliverance HP

I thought up the catchy name Special Deliverance which sounds close to Special Delivery as in the mail.

This is a blog about my journey as a Daughter of God from a life of sin which I was born into to a new life of liberation in His Love.

For years, I have sought answers to life’s questions.  I have been exposed to twelve-step programs, psychology, the new age, and even the occult (both which I now renounce) –  name it!  Everything that could give a name and solution to the problems I lived with – I’ve tried them all.

Finally, I have gotten hold of the Exorcist of our Archdiocese.  I seek prayers from his office – prayers of deliverance, healing and protection, for myself and my family.

In this journey, I get to know myself in the dimension of faith and psychology.  They cannot exist in vacuum.  As I believe that God is healing me, I believe that He is healing my emotions, my thoughts, my behaviour and actions.

This is my story.  This is my journey.

Through Mama Mary’s loving prayers and St. Michael’s protection,

may God bless us, dear reader.


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